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  • 歡迎來到上?;ǔ睂崢I有限公司!
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    Product classification


    上?;ǔ睂崢I有限公司是專業從事精密電子天平、電子臺秤 電子體脂秤、體重秤、嬰兒秤、廚房秤等衡器類產品的制造研發。
    SHANGHAI HUACHAO INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd. is professional specialized in the filed of precise electronic scale, electronic platform scale, electronic body fat scale,electronic weighing scale, electronic baby scale and kitchen scale etc.more than 10 years. We integrated in product development, designing, production, sales and services into a whole.

    公司具有成熟的生產工藝,先進的加工技術,完備的檢測手段,擁有雄厚的開發設計能力,同時,我們一直加強企業文化建設,強化團隊質量,引進*生產設備和技術 ,擁有一大批優秀的技術人員和管理人員為客戶提供保質保量的各類產品。
    Our company has a mature production technology, advanced processing technology, complete testing means, with the development of strong design capabilities. Meanwhile, we are always constantly strengthen to build corporation civilization and the sense of quality team,introduced advanced technology and imported advanced equipment,with employs experienced technical and management personnelto provide customers with quality and quantity of various types of products

    Huachao company with the principle of "people first,morality-oriented" and the management concept of"Sincerity First, Quality Guaranteed, Price Concession and Timely Service", developed into a modern equipment qualified and complete comprehensive facilities equipped scale enterprises.

    所有產品采用質量標準,產品遠銷海外,享譽海內外眾多市場,如美國、意大利、英國、德國、日本等多個國家和地區,并深受國內外客戶的*好評。 在將來,我們也會秉承良好的信譽基礎, 不斷擴展業務范圍,生產客戶所滿意的產品,堅持客戶的利益放在*位的原則來實現長期合作共贏的目標。
    All of our products comply with  international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world, sunch as America, Italy, England, Germany, Japan and so on. In the future, we will based on the good faith to constantly extend the line of business, do our best to satisfy curstomers'request and insist in the policy of customers'business results come first to achieve the goal of long term and win-win cooperation together.

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